Father K. Sweeney

❝ Once evil is invited in, tremendous effort is required to show it to the door and kick its cloven hoof off the threshold. ❞

⛧ Father Kenneth Sweeney is an occult researcher, demonologist, supernatural specialist, ordained exorcist for the Vatican, and skilled paranormal investigator. He can be reached via mail if assistance is required. ⛧

Ken's Life: Part I

From the Author:
Here you will only find the background to the original universe that I have created for the purpose of my novel and roleplay stories.
Kenneth Sweeney was born in in Dumfries, Scotland to an Irish mother and a Scottish father, both of whom have since passed away. He was raised, for the most part, in Offaly, Ireland. He speaks with a soft Irish accent.
Ken enjoyed horseback riding and writing stories and poetry as a young man. His parents moved to Offaly when he was very young, if only to be closer to her parents. He was raised there. It gave him the muse to write. To this day, he still writes poetry. He has novels published as well, although they're about exorcism cases, demonology, and paranormal cases.When he was a young man, he excelled in school. After losing a woman he loved but had never told — whose name was Jessica — he went into priesthood. He found his calling. He wanted to help others. His parents were religious but not overly so. Jessica's spirit is often with him, protecting and watching over him.Ken is a well-dressed man, often in dark expensive suits (with his collar), or knitted jumpers and Levi's. He's older, thin and lithe, and incredibly handsome. He's well-mannered and those around him would say that he has kind eyes. He may be more of a listener than a talker, but his close friends can attest to his good humor and fascinating stories. Once you get to know him, it's hard to keep him quiet.He is well-versed in the occult and demonology, and extremely experienced in the paranormal. This is what he's always done throughout his life. He fights the darker entities in the world. Someone has to. He isn't simply a parish priest, tied down to one location. He's a maverick priest, whose title is Head Exorcist. He travels around, either staying in hotels or at various parishes/priest rectories for short periods of time while working on exorcism or paranormal cases.He was chosen by a Bishop (who now resides at the Vatican) to be Head Exorcist, which is a role that he took on wholeheartedly throughout his life. He answers solely to the Chief Exorcist in Rome, who in turn answers to the Pope. In simple terms, he works for the Office of Exorcism. Kenneth is friends with the Chief Exorcist and the Pope as well. He's close to everyone who happens to be working there.As a young man, Ken had to pass courses at the Vatican to become an ordained exorcist, working and learning for years before earning the right to perform solemn exorcisms. Solemn exorcisms are the strongest performed exorcisms and only sanctioned and ordained exorcists can perform them, not just regular parish priests, because a lot of experience is required. He's helped countless individuals during his life. He took on the anguish and emotional pain more than willingly in order to help those who so desperately needed it. He has a stubborn, staunch conviction in his beliefs, which makes him perfect for the role of exorcist. He has a strong-willed character. Any other priest might find him inferior in social graces yet superior in judgement, lacking in ecclesiastical know-how and ambition but very content with his work. He still writes as well.He's quiet and introverted but also sweet and caring. He never has much to say, but that's because he's seen so much darkness in his life. It's hard to relate to normal people at this point for him but he tries. He's smart and knowledgeable in most subjects (i.e. history, music, science, poetry, and literature).Kenneth is a smoker, plays guitar, and loves to visit pubs in his downtime. He's a bit unorthodox, which is something that eases and relaxes those around them. People can relate to him easier. He's trustworthy, loyal, and a good listener. He genuinely cares about people's stories.He can speak English, Italian, French, some Spanish, and still speaks with Irish & Scottish slang amongst friends. He's well versed in the study of language learning from his time at the Vatican.At this point in his life, he wants to leave his role of exorcist behind but his "friend," the Bishop, Father Paul Lombardi, won't allow him to. He isn't silent about wanting to leave this role behind. Cardinal Simon Mancini is a man he goes head-to-head with about this desire of his quite often, at the Vatican. The Chief Exorcist in Rome, Father Marcus Dubois (whose face-claim is Christopher Plummer), usually has to step in during arguments between the two. Father Marcus and Kenneth are very close friends of 30+ years and would fight on behalf of one another at a moment's notice. They're very close, like brothers.There are very few individuals who can do what Ken can or have his level of experience, and the Roman Catholic Church won't let him go. It's simply his role in life, the purpose he serves, as much as he loathes it. He loses a piece of his soul with every exorcism he performs. It's draining, dealing with entities so dark, and it's difficult to overcome the aftermath of every battle with the demons of Hell.He has two colleagues that he brings out on exorcism cases, one being a Welsh doctor named John and the other an American psychologist (who was also a service member in the US for many years) named Matt. He often brings both men with him whilst doing exorcisms, should they ever be needed. A full case needs to be put together and all information is sent back to the Vatican before the Church decides whether an exorcism is truly needed. Priests need to gather all required evidence. Otherwise, false cases with horrible outcomes and serious issues may arise. A victim might simply be a person who needs to seek a doctor or is mentally ill and desperately needs help.Ken is a fully-fledged paranormal investigator with another close friend of his named Josh. Josh lives in Wales, where he hails from, and the two travel together a lot, although they have an entire team of investigators they go around the globe with. The Church strongly disapproves of this "side job" of his but can do nothing about it. They won't acknowledge the existence of the paranormal to the public. Kenneth doesn't care. On the side, he will also advise or do house/home blessings.His usual team of paranormal investigators includes Josh (a close friend of his, with Michael Weatherly as the face-claim), Lisa (the equipment techie of the group), and Laura and Mark (a married couple, him an investigator and her a spiritual medium who can see things others can't). They travel together for little haunted adventures or to help families who desperately need it. They help spirits crossover and go towards the light whenever needed. Lisa is English, but Laura and Mark are Americans living in London.He gives lectures on exorcism technique, occultism, demonology, or paranormal investigating. He also started a YouTube channel to have a place to put his footage from investigations as full-length movies. It's also a place to put comments on paranormal goings-on in the form of video podcast episodes. He has gained quite a loyal following there over the years.He can be reached via email if assistance is required for paranormal investigations. He will bring his team to identify the spirits or to rid a home or business of any negative entities if such a course of action is needed.

RP Stories: Part II

Verse/Story 1:
As mentioned prior, in the story with Lady Lilly Cavendish (@weenotherfairy) he left the Church and priesthood behind to be with her. He met her while doing a paranormal investigation at her Highdale Estate, located in the Yorkshire Dales, and now lives with her. He runs a nighttime ghost tour on her property, which is a way to get the spirits that live on the estate involved. Her parents are very involved in the tours as well. Kenneth is close with the family. After all, they're his family as well. Lilly's father, Perry, always (lovingly) teases Kenneth about Lilly "turning his head" when he was a priest. He finds it absolutely hilarious that they fell in love. If anyone would fall for a priest, of course it was Lilly.
In the beginning, she had needed to contact him via email. She needed assistance with a spirit that was growing in violence and strength. It had become rather dangerous, being the ghost of a man who had been in love with her great-grandmother in life and had met a gruesome end. She looks just like her grandmother and he had gotten rather possessive of her. With the help of the great-grandmother, Edith, and Josh, along with the rest of his team, Kenneth was able to rid the estate of that dark energy and help the boy crossover into the Light.Unfortunately, the Church chose to excommunicate him. He's currently trying to fight back with his friend, Father Marcus, and erase the excommunication status so he can be married in the Roman Catholic Church to Lilly. The chaos and mess of the fallout weighs on him very heavily. The Church never wanted to say goodbye to a Head Exorcist, especially one as knowledgeable as Kenneth. Lilly is strong, though, and is fighting alongside him.The Church were incredibly upset that Kenneth, along with Lilly, performed an unsanctioned exorcism after he was excommunicated from the Church. A friend of Kenneth's, Dr. Duncan Monroe, another priest, had come to Kenneth as the last resort. There was a young man, who was Jewish, that the Catholic Church refused to help. So Kenneth stepped in and performed the exorcism and freed him before he was brought to his synagogue for help. It only angered the Church further and they called both he and Lilly to the Vatican to put them in their place. However, it backfired. Father Marcus stood up for Lilly and Kenneth. The latter stood his ground, leaving without fear.Verse/Story 2:
Lilith (from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) needed assistance dealing with an Irish Goddess who is currently wreaking havoc on Greendale. She did a summoning ritual, wanting help, and Kenneth appeared. He had talking about Celtic Mythology with his friend, Josh. It brought him to her. The two of them, along with the help of the Spellman family, are currently dealing with The Morrígan. In the future, he's going to leave the Church behind and stay in Greendale. The friendship between he and Lilith will grow into something more.
Verse/Story 3:
Father Kenneth was called to the home of Imogene the Voodoo Queen (@ImogeneTheVQ) for a case of suspected exorcism. A client of hers/theirs, someone who often purchased items from her was possessed by a demon. She/they had wrangled him into her bedroom and had tied the poor man down to her bed for her own safety as well as his. Upon arriving, along with the help of his friend Josh, he immediately knew what needed to be done. He contacted the Roman Catholic Church and gave the evidence that was required, and the exorcism began.
Over the course of this time, Imogene and Kenneth came to care for each other. One night, after the exorcism was over and he was still staying with her/them in the apartment to clean up, they came very close to crossing that invisible line. They admitted their feelings for one another, but Kenneth couldn't go any further. He was a priest. So he kissed her, his first and only kiss, and left with a heavy heart. They were both torn up after the incident.Imogene, being as self-destructive as they came, went on a drinking and pub fighting binge that lasted for months on end. Imogene doesn't necessarily do well when it comes to self-care. Months later, Kenneth came to claim a spot at a local parish for the first time in Patterson, New Jersey, to be near his love. He couldn't handle it anymore.The two have since admitted that they love one another and have slept together, finally crossing that line. Behind closed doors, they are a couple. Kenneth still hopes to one day leave the Church behind.(Note: Imogene is non-binary.)Verse/Story 4:
The story with Bronwyn Yarwood (@WelshHaunting) is currently being rewritten.
Verse/Story 5:
Father Nathan Morgan (@SolemnPriest) is the assisting priest to Kenneth on his exorcisms. The two had been friends for a very, very long time before finally admitting that they had feelings for one another. Kenneth was grieving, he had lost a friend of his, and they went to Boston together for the funeral. The two, behind closed doors, are now together.
There are other amazing stories as well. All of my partners and those lovely writers are listed on my profile.

RP Info: Part III

First off: Absolutely no minors! MDNI, please and thank you. This original character is multi-verse and multi-story, all written into a horror universe. Ships are based on chemistry. He's pansexual. Trigger warnings for mature content apply. 18+ only. My FC happens to be Peter Capaldi, athough with an Irish accent (if you can imagine that).This is a Horror RP. Original or canon characters and crossovers with various other fandoms are welcome. Here are a few examples: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, American Horror Story, anything from Mike Flanagan's universe (such as Midnight Mass or The Haunting of Hill House), or fandomless horror or paranormal stuff.Please note, in some stories I have written that Kenneth has left priesthood to seek a different life, including my main story with @weenothernfairy, and is only a paranormal investigator, occult researcher, and demonologist now. However, for example, in the story with @ImogeneTheVQ, he's still in priesthood.The writer here, hello. I go by Panda and I'm 30. I'm non-binary (she/they), and I'm always writing. I have published works. RP is the best escape. Nice to meet you.You can find me on these sites:

❝ Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. ❞

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